“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”


private sessions


Private 1-on-1 Yoga -          Package rates for multiple sessions are available

                                            At Authentic Fusion $75

                                            At your location in Venice $80

                                            Away from Venice $90 (may incur additional travel fee)


Private Small Group Session or Celebrations - for further information

                                                                          please email me,

                                                                          phone me: 941-237-6318 or

                                                                          complete the information request

Personalized private yoga sessions:

Personalized sessions are appropriate no matter your needs, ability or interest. One-on-one and Semi-Private Small Group sessions are available for all individuals that I support and in each of the styles of yoga that I am trained to teach. Whether you would like personal attention as a Beginner, for Therapeutic support while coping with a chronic condition, illness or injury, during your Pregnancy or Postnatally, for your Child and their friends or to hone your more advanced Vinyasa practice a Personalized Private Session is a great option!

Private sessions are also excellent for those who hope to support other physical activities by increasing flexibility & strength and creating greater focus & relaxation. Yoga may help to improve your golf swing and help runners, cyclists and swimmers find greater flexibility and breath focus.

Whether you work at a desk, in front of a computer, drive or stand throughout your workday, a private yoga session can help you to address the discomforts that you may experience associated with these activities by increasing body awareness, flexibility and strength.

One-on-one yoga sessions:

One-on-one yoga sessions embrace the historic format of learning yoga. Personalized private instruction addresses your individual goals and needs regardless of your stage of life, proficiency level or age.

Whether you have an established yoga practice, would like to get back to a more regular practice or are just beginning to explore yoga, a private one-on-one session can help you to develop a greater understanding of breath, alignment, meditation and the underlying principles beyond the postures. Personalized sessions enjoyed regularly or occasionally can help you understand alignment in the postures, focus on what you would like to accomplish within your practice, address special needs in your body, guide you in building a home practice, grow your confidence and help you to develop greater self-awareness in your practice and in your daily life. One-on-one sessions can be arranged at your home, at a location of your choice or in the studio.

Semi-Private Small group sessions:

Small group sessions as a Family with Friends or Colleagues can be a great way to experience yoga in a more intimate setting. Practicing with a group allows you to inspire and be inspired by others and gives you the chance to develop healthy habits with family, friends or co-workers growing mindfulness and respect in these relationships.

Small group sessions can be arranged at your home, a location of your choice or in the studio.

Celebrations for Adults & Children!

You can also organize a small group session to Celebrate a Birthday or Anniversary, as part of a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party or during the lead-up to or follow-up after any life changing event like a Wedding, Birth, Relocation or Career Change. Kids especially love the opportunity to move, explore and create in a Children’s or Family yoga class! Personalized small group yoga can be incorporated into a celebration, held at your home, at a location of your choice or in the studio.