"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." 


mommy & me postnatal

Mommy & Me/Postnatal yoga for moms, infants and young toddlers is a wonderful opportunity to get fit while staying close to your baby and stimulating your baby's development!

Enjoy practice in the company of other moms, benefiting not only from yoga postures, relaxation and meditation techniques but also from the powerful maternal energy present in the group.

Classes will be approximately 1 hour long and involve a practice for moms as well as movement and interactive work with your babies and are appropriate for moms 6 weeks postpartum newborns 6 weeks old through 3 year olds.

When appropriate, two separate sessions are offered,

one to accommodate newborns through non-crawlers

and a second class for active crawlers and toddlers.

Wear loose comfortable clothing appropriate for yoga and plan to bring along a portable baby carrier or mat, blanket or lamb's wool for your non-crawling/walking baby to relax on beside you while we practice during the first half of class.

Don't hesitate to bring other small items to keep

your baby or young toddler occupied. 

Remember, that Mom & Baby classes are very flexible,

so even if you end up nursing, feeding

or settling your baby for part of the class

you will still enjoy the opportunity

to learn some of the postures by watching

and will have the chance to visit with other moms

and babies developing new friendships, sharing personal experiences and benefitting from the experiences of others.

Month long Mommy & Me Yoga series forming at the

Authentic Fusion, “A Boutique Fitness & Lifestyle Studio”

Please complete the information request form to register your interest in joining mommy & me or

if you are interested in forming a small group session of your own.

Include in your email message, your name and phone contact information.

Classes are open to all levels, no prior yoga experience necessary.

Please allow 1 hour per class.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

We will practice barefoot.

Mats and props are provided but you are welcomed

to bring your own mat.

Remember, this is an opportunity for you to connect with other moms and their babies and toddlers!