“Laughter is no enemy to learning”

Walt Disney

kids’, tweens’ & teens’

Children’s yoga enhances strength, flexibility and balance of mind, body and spirit helping children to discover confidence, compassion, and acceptance for themselves, others and the greater world.

Playful and age appropriate movement, breath,

mindfulness and relaxation practices

increase self-awareness, development, flexibility and strength and help children and teens develop techniques

for self-calming and stress reduction

while discovering and sharing vitality and joy.

Tweens’ & Teens’ Yoga encourages proper posture, develops of strength and flexibility and encourages the development of self-awareness, confidence, focus and relaxation in a safe and supportive environment.

Classes are appropriate for both boys and girls of all ages and are organized by age group and may also be specific to girls or boys especially in the teen years.

Please complete the information request form or contact me if you are interested in Children’s yoga classes.

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“The Benefits of Yoga

for Kids”

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Plan a YOGA Party for your Child’s or Teen’s next Celebration!!

Adding Yoga to a Children’s Celebration or Teen Party is an easy way to introduce fun and creative movement that is great for both boys and girls. Indoors or outdoors, yoga requires a limited amount of space and can be tailored to the age of the participants and the theme of the party.

Please complete the information request form

if you are interested in adding Yoga to an upcoming event.